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Attic And All Estate Liquidator Goes Above and Beyond To Liquidate The Entire Contents Of Your Home, Business Or Both. We Sell Everything From Bedding To Boats.

About Attic and All Estate Liquidators, LLC

Attic and All Estate Liquidators, LLC
Professional Estate Sales Coordinator 
Patty (603) 521-5626

My name is Patty Cyr, I am available to answer any question you may have in regard to the process of liquidating inventory in your estate. My goal is to make you and your family feel very comfortable with me, and the process of liquidation.

Services We Will Provide.


We will organize, arrange and display all items to be sold. If, during that process, we encounter items that appear to be of especially sentimental value, or we encounter especially valuable items you have not told us about, we will consult with you. We will use available tables, shelves, and similar areas for display purposes and we will provide additional tables and display cases, as necessary. To a limited extent, we will also clean the area where the sale is to be conducted, gather and dispose of items that cannot be sold and clean and polish selected items being sold, such as silverware, fine china and furniture, if necessary. 

Inventory pricing  

We will appraise items to be sold and will mark prices on them using price stickers, tags or signs that we will provide. If we believe there are items of value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser having the necessary expertise, We welcome your input regarding the value of specific items; however, given our substantial experience in this area, we reserve the right to make all final pricing decisions. 


We will arrange for appropriate advertisements regarding the sale to appear in the appropriate Medias regarding your sale. In addition, we will place a sign in the yard during the sale, and additional signs in the vicinity of the sale, if permitted, with regard to local ordinances. 

Conduct of Sale

We will conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner. To assist with the sale, we will hire individuals, as needed, from a pool of honest, experienced, and reliable individuals familiar to us, and the integrity we demand for our services. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will conduct the sale with two objectives: 

A To sell every available item;  
B To maximize the proceeds from the sale. 

During the course of the sale, we may negotiate prices with customers and accept bid’s as we consider appropriate in order to achieve the two objectives stated above. However, you may establish minimum prices for a small number of items, if desired. Please provide us a list one week before the sale begins.  


Unfortunately, we have come to realize that some minor theft by attendees is inevitable. We will, however, take reasonable steps to guard against theft, for example, by stationing personnel near small, high-value items. We will supply an adequate number of employees to work the sale. If you request it, or if we recommend it for the sale, we will also hire one or more off-duty police officers to provide security at the sale, at a cost to you. 

Disposal of Unsold Items

There will be unsold items at the conclusion of the sale. We will gladly suggest names of charities that will pick up the unsold items if you would like or we will make prior arrangements’ to have the items removed.

Records and Receipts: Payment

Our records regarding the proceeds of the sale will be open to you at all times during, and for six months after, the sale. In addition, within five business days after the conclusion of the sale we will make available to you a written summary of sale results showing the gross sale proceeds, itemized fees and expenses deducted, and the net proceeds distributable to you. At the same time we will deliver a check to you in the full amount of the net proceeds, payable to signature on Estate Sale Agreement 

Credit Cards

It has been our experience that customers will purchase more at our sales if they are able to use credit cards, resulting in a more successful sale. We accept Master-Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. All credit cards are processed thru Square. Must have internet access. 

Additional Fees and Expenses

If a sale requires services before or after the sale. We will perform specified work with your prior permission; cost will be deducted from your proceeds. All additional expenses to be listed on Estate Sale Agreement at time of signature.  

Properties and Casualty Insurance

Because the sale is taking place on your premises, we are relying on you to have in place ordinary property and casualty insurance, and we cannot be responsible for any injuries or other harm occurring in connection with the sale. In the unlikely event someone is injured and notifies us of a potential claim, we will refer them to you, and would expect you to refer them to your insurance carrier. You agree to indemnify us against any claims, damages or liability (including reasonable attorney’s fees) as a result of an injury or other harm suffered by any person and stemming from the sale, whether arising before, during or after the sale. 

Other Matters

You are, of course, welcome to be present at all times while we organize, appraise and mark items, and during the sale. It has been our experience, however, that attending the sale may be difficult if the items being sold are of sentimental value to you. Our business is built on referrals. Accordingly, it is important to us that you be happy with our service. Above all, we recognize that in entrusting your sale to us, you are relying on our honesty and integrity. We have always operated, and will always operate, with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. If you ever have any questions or concerns in that regard, please let us know. We have found that in almost all cases, potential problems can be avoided if we simply communicate with each other. In addition, we recognize that every sale is different, and we will make every effort to be flexible, to be fair, reasonable and understanding, and to work within your schedule. We trust that you will do the same. If this letter correctly reflects your understanding of our arrangement, please sign both copies of the letter in the space provided and return one copy to us. We appreciate this opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to a productive sale! 


Executor Signature 

We care very much for the families we work with during the process of liquidation and Clean-Outs.  

Our goal is to make sure the family is comfortable and stress free. We make sure our families know they can be as big or little part as what makes them comfortable during the process. 

Attic And All Estate Liquidators
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Patty Cyr (603)-521-5626
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Entire Home Liquidation-Clean Out Service- Down Sizing - Organizing - Appraisal - Maintenance 

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We are more than happy to answer your questions in hopes of clarifying the liquidation process. 
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